YOHOOLYO is a well-known electronic products retail brand in China, and Amazon is our online sales channel in Japan,Europe and America. YOHOOLYO committed to create electronic products of quality stability , assuring good product quality and providing customers with best shopping experience. Meanwhile, customers can enjoy a rich diversity of electronics with YOHOOLYO. Moreover, we are active for catering to the different needs of our guests by means of expanding the product line of auto parts, game products, personal care and so on. A successful brand lies in quality. Science and technology creates the future. We’re committed to creating a more convenient and efficient life experience backed by friendly, high-efficient service to delight our loyal customers around the world.

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The above stores belong to Dongguan Hua Kun Jidian Co.,Ltd,which is the owner of brand YOHOOLYO.
The products that the other stores sell would be counterfeit products,and you would not be able to get our after-service.

Business Name: Dongguan Hua Kun Jidian Co., Ltd
Business Address: Haihongyinju NO.110, Jiefang Road No.23,Humen Town,Dongguan,Guangdong