YOHOOLYO Mini Portable Rechargeable Belt Voice Speaker Amplifier 20W Speaker with Adjustable Earphone Microphone for Teachers, Tour Guides, and Coaches


📻High quality: YOHOOLYO portable microphone and amplifier, clear and crisp voice and good amplification effect, you can make your voice reach over 4000 sq m.
📻Professional Portable Voice Amplifier: The voice amplifier is the most powerful and professional device suitable for teachers, public speakers, guides and those with vocal cord injuries.
📻Portable Microphone : the voice amplifier is the most powerful and professional device suitable for those who are teachers, for those who have to speak in public, for guides and for those with injuries to the vocal cords.
📻Easy to use voice amplifier: the shoulder strap and lanyard are adjustable to the position you prefer.
📻 Voice Amplifier Long Battery Life: When the battery is fully charged, it can last for 15 hours (or 10 hours if the volume is at maximum).


This device works very well and allows you to have your hands free to hold other material to carry out activities.

Portable microphone, easy to use, strong enough to hear well even in very large and great value rooms!

Small & Portable Super Powerful Voice Amplifier.

Amplify the sound of your voice without altering it.

High quality ABS makes the amplifier robust and long lasting.

Color: Black
Maximum output power: EMS20W
Frequency: 100HZ-13KHZ
Voltage: 3.7V
Battery: rechargeable lithium battery
Product size: 4.3×3.4×3.8 inch


Ways to use the headset microphone: the headset is placed in the back of the neck or head and the two semicircles behind the ears.

When using the amplifier, first bring the volume to 0 and then make sure that the microphone is plugged into the amplifier, then turn on the amplifier and at this point adjust the volume as desired.

While inserting the plug of the power supply into the D.C5V socket of the amplifier, please make sure you have turned off the voice amplifier before charging. Please recharge the amplifier 2-4 hours whenever the LED indicates Dim or Off.

Important to note: Be careful not to put the earphone microphone close to the speaker to avoid interference and noise.

To extend the battery life, please charge when the battery is low.

The package includes:
Rechargeable voice amplifier
Earphone microphone
Battery charger
Audio cable
Adjustable strap